We Manage, Maintain, and Repair On-Site.

We take care of your fleet from routine inspections, preventative maintenance, to emergency repairs. We keep your fleet moving without interruptions. Our priority is to keep your projects on track.

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No downtime. Keep your project on track.

Keep your vehicle safe, compliant, and reliable on the road.

Fixed Annual Pricing

One offordable price per vehicle per year covers all your maintenance needs.

24/7 Availability

Same-day service to ensure your fleet is always operational

Routine Maintenance

Includes oil changes, filter replacements, tire rotations, and more.

Complete Fleet Management

We handle all aspects of fleet maintenance, allowing you to focus on your core business.

On-Site Fleet Maintenance That Works for You

Did you know that managing a fleet vehicle can cost between $900 and $1,750 annually, including fleet management, inspections, routine maintenance, and breakdowns? Bypass the hassle - let us handle everything for you.

Instant On-Site Service

We provide immediate on-site service to keep your vehicles running smoothly. Our certified technicians come directly to your project location, minimizing disruption and ensuring your fleet stays operational.

No Downtime

With NOVO Fleets, there’s no need to take vehicles out of service. We handle all maintenance and repairs on-site and around your schedule, ensuring zero downtime and keeping your projects on track.

Preventive Maintenance

Our comprehensive preventative maintenance program helps you avoid unexpected breakdowns. Regular checks and timely interventions extend the life of your fleet and reduce costly repairs.

Quarterly Inspections

We perform thorough 50-point inspections on all vehicles every quarter. These proactive checks catch issues early, ensuring your fleet remains safe, compliant, and reliable on the road.

Comprehensive Repairs

Our skilled technicians handle all types of repairs with precision and care. All our services come with a 12,000-mile/12-month warranty, giving you peace of mind and confidence in our work.

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Benefits of Choosing NOVO Fleets

All-Inclusive Fleet Management

Pay one price per year, and we take care of every aspect of your fleet's maintenance and management.

Most Affordable Service

On average, businesses save $490 per truck and $410 per sedan annually by switching to our service. Our competitive pricing starts at just $150 per month, offering the best value for comprehensive fleet care.

Zero Downtime

We perform all maintenance and repairs on-site, ensuring your vehicles stay in service and your projects always remain on track.

Expert Technicians

Our skilled professionals handle everything from routine checks to emergency repairs, ensuring peak performance for your fleet.

Preventive Maintenance

Regular inspections and preventive care prolong the lifespan of your vehicles, reducing the risk of costly breakdowns.

Cost-Effective Solutions

With our all-inclusive pricing, you only pay for parts, avoiding unexpected expenses and saving money.

Detailed Reporting

Comprehensive reports for each vehicle help you make informed decisions about your fleet's maintenance and management.

24/7 Support

Our team is available around the clock to address any issues, ensuring your fleet is always ready to go.

Fleet Management Expertise

Our extensive experience in fleet management allows us to offer valuable advice on buying, selling, and maintaining your vehicles.

How it works

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Reach out to schedule your initial consultation.

Tailored Plan

We create a customized maintenance plan for your fleet

On-Site Service

Our team comes to your location for diagnostics and repairs, without affecting your project timeline.

Regular Inspections

Quarterly inspections and routine maintenance to keep your vehicles in top shape.

Preventive Maintenance

Proactive care to prevent issues before they happen.

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